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Fullerton Music Centers offers a diversified curriculum for all ages, levels, and enjoyement. Please feel free to ask any questins of this approach of music learning.
Fullerton Music Centers Instructional Program
Private Instruction
All Ages, Levels & Instruments

Piano, Strings, Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion, Drums, Voice, Guitar, Bass, Performance, Theory


It is our purpose with your help, to bring your child an education in instrumental music.  In order for us to do this successfully, we must clearly understand our collective responsibilities and that is the purpose of this message. We make it clear that the children can, without question, learn and benefit from the study of instrumental music. Furthermore, Children with learning disabilities are often aided with the study of instrumental music; Where other methods do not. These come about because the study of music requires the student to assemble the various activities of the aural, visual and the touch senses simultaneously. The assembly enables the senses to support and strengthen one another in such a way that the training is received in concentration beyond that which any other academic subject can offer. So while we are all for the enjoyment and social advantages which instrumental music can bring your child, we tend to think of them as bonuses. The real reason for instrumental music is it's ability to help your child learn how to learn.

  DO TO  the corona virus a number of our teachers have moved they lessons to ZOOM and we have a few that are teaching here.  Call for either at Home or studio lessons, 714-871-1805

Most of our instructors have been with us from 10 to 35 years. All of our instructors have been selected on the basis of the essential interest in their music and teaching abilities. All of our instructors are excellent in technique, theory, improvisation, at all levels of proficiency: from the casual, recreational music student, to the college-level classical masters student. For additional information on our instructors, click their photo below.
1. Larry Samson / Guitar, Bass
2. Jeff Harrison / Piano, Recorder, Tin Whistle
3. Baba Elefante / Bass
5. Bart Robley / Drums / Percussion
6. Karl Sanger / Woodwinds, Vocal, Piano, Brass
9. Andrew Everson, Banjo, Mandolin, Fiddle
12. Mary Harrell,  Violin, Piano
14. Jannel Rap / Guitar, Piano, Vocal, Accordian

18. One of our trusted Staff

Long after the gifts of childhood are gone, The Gift of Music lingers on!!